Assignment 3

High Speed Photography

You will take a series of shots at different speeds with your camera for this assignment.
Your camera has four different settings for shooting high speed:
  1. Turn your camera to shutter priority.
  2. Click the menu button.
  3. Make sure you are in the "Shooting menu" and scroll down to "Continuous."
  4. You have a number of choices here two being:
    • Continuous L (less than 10 fps)
    • Continuous H (about 10 fps)
You will talk a series of pictures on Continuous L and Continuous H, you should have at least 10 pictures shot continuously under both settings. Using the SAME subject for both series.
For your second set of pictures for this assignment do the following:
Turn your camera to the Sports mode.
Press the menu button.
Make sure that you are in the "Sports continuous" mode.
Make sure the "Image quality" is on "Fine."
Go back one screen and go into the "High speed mode" section, you will see Auto, 120 and 60.

You will now take a series of pictures at 60 fps and 120 fps. Choose a different subject than what you used for your last two series of shots. Be creative, there are lots of different ideas you could use for this section.