Assignment 03

Project 1 - The Camera

Before starting this section take the Project 1 Pre-Assessment Quiz.

We will start by taking a quiz on the "Camera Body". You must get at least 80% before you can move on to Project 1.
When you have achieved 80% or higher, go to the following link to continue with your projects.

In this section you will learn the following:
  • How to focus your camera
  • What ISO is and how it affects your pictures.
  • Understand how Shutter Speed affects your pictures.
  • Understand how Aperture affects your pictures.

Click here to go to Project 1 of COM1205.

Now click here to do a self-assesment on what you have learned. When you have scored 80% of higher move on to the next step.

If you have completed your self-assesment click here to read your instructions for Project 1.

You will need to create a Google Spreadsheet like the one below to record and report your Project 1 information on your Web Portfolio.
Download the PhotoLogSheet here and then upload it into your Google Doc and use it as a template for all the photo shoots.
Paul Sloan,
Mar 17, 2011, 1:19 PM