Assignment 3


To complete this assignment, you will use Google Apps Presentation.
Remember that you must reference your resources and ensure you write things in your own words (do not just cut and paste from the internet).
Be sure to use some graphics in your presentation to help describe and answer the questions below.

Use the following websites to start your research and answer the research questions below:
  1. What is the definition of "Typography?"
  2. For each of the following, provide a definition and insert an example or a picture with an explanation of that typography term:
    1. Capline
    2. Topline
    3. Midline
    4. Baseline
    5. Beardline
    6. Serif
    7. San Serif
    8. Ascender 
    9. Bowl
    10. Counter
  3. Each of the following situations is followed by two types of fonts. Determine which font would be more appropriate for this situation and explain why you made that choice.
    1. A business letter (Comic Sans or Cambria)
    2. A company website (Verdana or Arial Black)
    3. A fancy party invitation (Lucida Console or Monotype Corsiva)
    4. A kids party invitation (Kristen ITC or Times New Roman)
    5. A sign that says “Do not enter” (Impact or Georgia)
  4. What is the purpose of whitespace in the use of text? Give several situations where the use of whitespace would differ.