Class Rules

There are certain guidelines and rules which students are expected to follow while attending the Cardston High School and my classes. I will point out below the expectations, rules and guidelines which students are expected to follow in my classes.

Workstation Management
  • Keep you desk and workstation clean.
  • All books, packs, purses should be kept under your desk.
  • Push your chair in when you leave.
  • Keep your feet away from the cords.
  • Do not move your computer around on the desk.
  • You home folder should be well organized and uncluttered. Periodic checks will be made on your home folder. These checks will be part of your workstation routine mark.
  • We will be as paperless and possible. All assignments must be upload to your Web Portfolio. Assignments will ONLY be marked if they are in your Portfolio.
  • No FOOD or DRINKS are allowed around the computers or into the room.
  • Do not try to load or install any programs on the computers without permission.
  • Only print ONCE!!! If it does not print the first time find a teacher or myself to correct the problem.
  • All cell phones and texting devices must be dropped of into the "Cell Phone Box" at the beginning of class. If you do not want to put it in that box, don't bring it to class. Failure to do so will result in your device being taken to the office and kept there for the rest of the week or weekend depending on when your phone was confiscated.
  • No Facebook or other social sites, Youtube, gaming sites or other time wasters. You will periodically allowed to use certain sites such as Facebook and Youtube if the assignment requires you to do so. THIS IS NOT FACEBOOK 101!!!!
  • Students my not use the computers unless a teacher or supervisor is present.
Course Guidelines
  • Attendance is essential if you want to pass the modules in this class. If you miss too many classes, you will find it very difficult to catch up. There are many visual lessons and examples that I will give to you during this modules.
  • Do not be late. If I have shown the class how to do certain projects and assignments for the first 15-30 minutes of a class and you come late, I will not repeat the lesson again while I should be helping others that are now working on their projects. You will be responsible to find someone else in the classroom to help you or meet with me after school to catchup on the missed work.
  • Lates = Automatic Detention at noon or after school.
  • Talking when I am talking = Automatic Detention.
  • All assignments must be completed to receive your credit for a module. Failure to do so will mean that you have not fulfilled the Alberta Ed. Requirements for that module and I cannot legal pass you or give you credit for that module.
  • You will be able to earn four credits in this class if you keep up with all assignments and projects. This is not a difficult course if you are willing to complete all your projects and assignments.
  • You are responsible for finding out what work you have missed due to absences and lates.